Tell the Kids!

I often catch grief from my spouse and kids because I go over in detail what is about to happen, what to do in case something doesn’t happen, etc. Often something like this:

Me, to the kids:

“Mom and I are going. We’re leaving for a quick run to Target. No ovens. No open flames of any kind, please. We’ll be back in less than 40 minutes. Is your phone on? Let’s test it. If you need anything, call me. If you can’t get me, try mom. If not mom, go to the neighbors. If there’s an actual emergency, call 911. Ok? We’re out!”

Where does that come from?

Over the last few weeks we’ve been cleaning out the basement, and going through a bunch of boxes with old papers, books from college, stuff from a life we no longer live.

Some of it was worth keeping, and some of it provided clarity to why I do what I do… I spent 6 years in the military, and browsing through an old SOP, I found the source – the 19D Cavalry Scout Standard Operating Procedure manual, Annex E, 2. Five-Point Contingency Plan:

I live for contingencies.

What if? If this, then what? Let others know, set expectations, drive the mission, make it happen.

How often do you communicate with your team what should happen if something goes south?

Do you have some plans past the first one, if any at all? You know Murphy loves the unplanned…

Now standardize it.