I am a highly capable, multi-role educational leader who thrives in dynamic environments where I can drive change, build systems, and pursue excellence.

With 10+ years of experience at the central office level, and a State of Ohio Superintendent’s license from Kent State University, I am ready to move the needle in all areas of school.

Excited about leading process improvement, designing support structures that lift others higher, and making it happen? Me too!

I’m currently gearing up for qualitative dissertation work on transitional leadership and the support mechanisms that exists (or not) when we promote from within, especially within non-instructional departments in school like school transportation, food service, maintenance, and central office positions.


Key Words

Operational excellence, process improvement and rapid implementation strategy, technology integration, place-based education, experiential learning and teaching, educational technology consulting, professional development, staff development, curriculum adaptation, creative teaching solutions, unique learning experiences.

Contact Information