Leveraging over a decade of central office experience, I am an accomplished educational strategist and system architect dedicated to driving operational excellence within academic institutions.

Holding a Superintendent’s license from Kent State University, Ohio, my expertise lies in envisioning and executing transformative strategies that streamline processes, fortify support structures, and elevate the standards of educational leadership.

I am currently embarking on a qualitative dissertation that delves into the nuances of transitional leadership—specifically exploring the adequacy of support mechanisms when promoting internally, with a special focus on non-instructional departments such as school transportation, food service, maintenance, and central office roles.

In addition to my academic and professional pursuits, I’ve demonstrated commitment and discipline by competing at national levels in orienteering and pistol shooting.

This unique blend of leadership, analytical acumen, and perseverance positions me effectively to instigate and manage constructive change across educational landscapes.

Key Words

Operational excellence, process improvement and rapid implementation strategy, technology integration, place-based education, experiential learning and teaching, educational technology consulting, professional development, staff development, curriculum adaptation, creative teaching solutions, and unique learning experiences.

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