Look Up!

Subway changed its menus today. Getting lunch was a bit of a hot mess, even though I didn’t get my sandwich toasted.

“When did this change?”
“Just this morning…”

Part of their new signing was a big message that motioned to “Look Up!” to see the new menu items, order by the number, and “leave the rest to us…”

Two things:

  1. What about the tuna sandwich I usually get? Still available? Turns out yes, it was, but didn’t have a number, so had to be “ordered and customized manually.” Difficult.
  2. Another excellent message of leadership from the purveyors of subs…

Too often, we get stuck looking in and down. Churning with the same non-working “solutions” and trying the “same-ol, same-ol…” Unwilling to make a decision. Not ready to take action.

What if you lifted your gaze instead? Looked up, and out?

Reached out, found new ways, and improved with new tools and new processes. What if?

This is true in combat, too. Jocko writes about need to look up, to see your team, to communicate… instead of hiding under your desk.

So get out there. Try a new sandwich from Subway, maybe? Get on the streets and prepare to get messy. And don’t forget to look up!