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The Missing Instruction Manual

Jag har letat under stenen bakom trädet bredvid huset
Jag har sprungit flera mil ja säkert tusen
Men jag har ännu inte lyckats hitta det

Men jag kan bara inte hitta den


– Miss Li / Instruktionsboken

I’ve been doing what I do now, at work, for well over ten years. I still do things every day I’ve never done before. There’s no manual in sight, and if there is, I haven’t found it.

So, how do I survive, and get stuff done? Experience?

Most of us (in my field) spend some time in school after high school in college coursework, then some professional development, then another degree, then some more conferences, sessions, workshops, then another degree… and nowhere is there a document that shares what to do when…

YOU have to write it. YOU have to document what works, and what doesn’t. YOU have to keep a running log of how to keep the wheels turning, and when those wheels need maintained, replaced, or improved…

Who will tell you to do all of this?

No one. But here’s a hint when it’s time to write it down.

Are others asking you for advice, for what works, for how to do what you do, for answers to questions you’ve dealt with already? Yes? That’s how you know it’s time.

So get busy. Start writing it down. Share what you do. And make sure others can find it!

Wait, why..?

Because… imagine how well they will perform when they know what you know… Don’t keep it to yourself. We’ll all benefit.

I’ve started already… 😉


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