“Let’s push that meeting up a bit…”

“Can we meet after the week of Easter?”

“I need to reschedule. What about next week sometime?”


But when, though?

Many tend to anchor their construction of time with other, seemingly available, events in time. Like Easter. Or Christmas Eve. Or the first Tuesday of the…

What about being a bit more exact?

I often find myself asking for exact clarification for meeting times and dates. People have varying reactions to that.

Here are some, perhaps, better ways of doing it.

“I can’t meet at 10 AM today. Can we reschedule for 11 AM?”


“I’d like to schedule my vacation during week 10. Is that okay?”


“Let’s meet Friday, the 29th or March, 2024.”

Also good. And close to Easter. I guess.

Some of us don’t connect various holidays, epochs, or seasonal festivities with our actual schedule. So if you say you want to book some time with me after ‘spring break’ you’ll have to be more specific.

Give me a date. And time. And a place.

And why aren’t we using week numbers yet in this country? Maybe for the same reasons we can’t seem to embrace other logistics, like the metric system, real 24-hour time (without the need for AM/PM), or just adding the sales tax to the listed price instead of the ever-present surprise at the end.

Yes, I know… this is America, home of the brave. We landed on the moon, and you didn’t. We get to pick our own ways of doing things…

All I’m saying is, that maybe, there’s a better way.

And isn’t that what this country is all about? Forever improving, making things better? Where’s the next moonshot? It ain’t Mars, I can tell you that.

I mean, have you tried measuring your flour in grams instead of cups when baking? Did you know it makes a [profound] difference? And why? Because flour is a dry good, not measured by its volume, but by its weight.

A cup measures volume, only. Need to be convinced? How much does a cup of flour weigh? Now weigh a cup of water… Are they the same? Be specific. How much corn in a bushel?

How many meters in a Nautical Mile? Do you know why? That one actually makes sense… Compare that to how many yards are in a mile. Just sayin. 😉

A more humorous look at all of this nonsense:

Our land of liberty. Where we continue to reference things the hard way…. Let the struggle continue. For us immigrants, we just patiently learn all the conversions to a chaotic system.

Here’s to a new year. Week 1 starts on Monday, the first day of the week. You have 24 hours each lap around the sun to get some structure in your life. Enjoy!