Options. I’d like to have some.

When communicating with my team regularly, often via text messages on the iPhone, I find the lack of options needing an update.

I feel like I’m limited. Here’s why.

The current options to quickly respond to a message in iMessage by clicking and holding on a message are “thumbs up or down,” “heart,” “double !!,” “haha,” and the question mark.

Helpful. Sometimes.

I would love to have an “OK” or just a check mark, as in “received.”


The thumbs up or down connotes judgment. Feeling. I like it. I don’t like it. You get the idea. It doesn’t say, “I got it.”

The heart?

I just took care of that thing for work you asked me to do…

Heart emoji.

Not appropriate from supervisor to employee, perhaps.

A response to a kind message from a close friend. Then yes.

The double exclamation marks? Who writes like that? Russian bots, that’s who…

Not only is it an incorrect use of language, but what does it mean? Awesome work? What the hell happened? Outrage: That’s cray-cray!! Just no.

And the question mark? Does that question the reply? Do you have a question? I have questions. Why?

So here’s the idea…

Just like in Gmail, when I mark messages for follow-up, let me customize my response options.

  • Checkmark
  • OK
  • Heart Emoji
  • HAHA
  • YES
  • NO

That’s it. Who can help me?