The Prince of Scents…

More choices were made this week.

“Dad! What’s that thing you say all the time?”
“Let’s make it happen!”
“No. The other one…”
“Here we go!”
“No… The other one. The one about smells.”
“Ah. Yes. That one…”

Emelie and Oskar have adapted well to public school over the last few months, and their learning environments couldn’t be better – filled with teachers who care, with staff who supports, and in a district that really gets it.

Both are now teenagers.

And while we knew we’d have this conversation sooner or later, Emelie figured it out on her own, but Oskar needed some help. Emelie is a big Krakengard fan, if you’d like to know…

“Hey, Oskar, tomorrow, let’s go see what they got at Target, ok?”

The time had come. Time to share some age-old wisdom with my son passed down from generations… well, actually, no, not really.

I was told in teacher pre-service by an old-timer who had very strict rules for male educators.

“You either smell nice, or not at all.”

Solid advice. Worth passing on. Especially to a middle schooler who loves to wear the same hoodie all week. But hey, Oskar was awarded Defender Team Student of the Week last week, so we’re doing something right…

Off to Target!

Shopping for scents is a bit like reading poetry by Shel Silverstein. It’s rich, delicious, and ultimately overwhelming. But in a good way.

Eighteen luscious, scrumptious flavors—
Chocolate, lime and cherry,
Coffee, pumpkin, fudge-banana,
Caramel cream and boysenberry,
Rocky road and toasted almond,
Butterscotch, vanilla dip,
Butter-brickle, apple ripple,
Coconut and mocha chip,
Brandy peach and lemon custard,
Each scoop lovely, smooth, and round,
Tallest ice-cream cone in town,
Lying there (sniff) on the ground.

Like ice cream, scents are on the shelf, all over the place, and you have to know if you want sweet, savory, musk, or lemon drop.

What about deodorant or antiperspirant, or both? Aluminum? Red, orange, yellow, black – and we haven’t even considered branding and performance yet.

Oskar’s eyes trended towards Bearglove by Old Spice – a solid choice, and picked out Nighpanther, too.

We grounded ourselves with Juniper & Ginseng from Native, and a stick of Citrus & Herbal Musk. I threw in a can of AXE Phoneix body spray, too, just for nostalgia’s sake.

“Now I’m ready for all the smells,” he said, “day or night!”

Another step on our journey, Oskar has now entered into that part of life where how others see us can be important, and how we smell, even more so.

“Do you have to use this every day, dad?”
“I think it’s a good idea, don’t you?”

Ready with an armory full of flavor, he’s now the Prince of Scents… Tallmadge Middle School, watch out!

And me? AXE isn’t really my style anymore. I’m a Native guy, and go to WSP for scents.

What’s your signature scent?