Give me the cream, please.

I’d like what I asked for, please.

I’m a coffee drinker, and no, not the kind that’s all snobbish about grinds and origins. Black, with some cream, please. Ok, fine. Light roast if you have it… 😉


So often, there’s a follow-up to the coffee order.

Me: “Coffe, light roast if you have it, with a splash of cream, please.”

Alleged barista: “Ok, yeah man, I got U, coffee with some half-half…”

Did I say that?

The same thing is true when I check into a hotel.

Front Desk: “Last name, please?”

Me: “Johansson.”

Front Desk: “Ok, let me see…. Hanson… Hanson… what’s the first name?”

Me: “No, it’s….”

Ugh. [hand over face emoji, here…]

You asked, and I answered. Listen to what I said, please.

All of the extra steps to get what I want or what someone asked me to provide, removes the little extra, the customer service, the personal touch.

If you ask me for my coffee order, I’ll give it to you. If you ask me for my last name, you’ll get it. Assume you’re getting what you asked for. Please.

I know Johansson is a difficult last name. For you.

I know cream has fat in it. I want it.

Give me what I want. Give me the cream. Listen to what I’m telling you. It’s what you wanted in the first place…