Fix it!

I want our roads to be better. And some other stuff, too…

Every day on my commute, I hit at least one, if not multiple, serious potholes in the road, which makes my whole car shake, rattle, and roll.

Fix them!

Every day on my commute, I see wires up in the air transporting electricity, cable TV, and other communication infrastructure.

Bury them!

Every day on my commute, I don’t see the kids waiting on their school bus because they’re dressed in all black.

Wear something reflective!

Every day on my commute, I listen to the radio tell me about all the horrible things that happen in the world and how we can’t do anything about it.

Sure, we can!

We’re the wealthiest country on earth. We have everything we want.

How about everything we need?

Build perfect roads. I’m tired of tire alignments.

Bury in the ground, and safeguard important infrastructure, like power lines and telecommunications. I’m tired of power outages during freezing rain.

Install proper street lighting to see pedestrians and kids waiting on a school bus. And send every kid a reflective garment when they start school.

Give us universal health care, too. Hawaii has it. Did you know that?

Yes, yes, I know… now you’re going to talk about taxes, and me and my, and what you want, and why we can’t do it.

Why don’t you check yourself, instead?

If we can build F-22 Raptors for $45B, we can fix the goddamn roads, too. If we can afford to not collect any tax from GE and Amazon, we can give everyone perfect, top-notch free healthcare in this country, too. Free lunch at school. Free college education. Free prenatal care and support. Free access to… I could go on and on…

If we cared even a little about our society, we’d do all those things.

For us. For our kids. For the future.

But instead, we waste it all on loose talk and empty promises.

A good first step?

Travel to another country – I’m going to suggest Scandinavia – and take a look at how other people live. No potholes. No fees for seeing a healthcare professional. A society based on safety and security for all. Quality of life.

And we pay the same effective tax rate. No joke.

We can do it. The ones who control the money just don’t want to…

What’s your next move?