What time is it?

What time is it?

It’s back to CITIZEN, that’s what…

Time is, and has always been very important to me. Not just “it’s almost 5 PM…” I’m the kind where it’s 4:57 PM. Or more correctly, 1657 HRS. The correct way to tell time is to consider, and use, all 24 hours that are allotted to us each day, and cut out what’s unnecessary.

Like AM and PM. I bet you don’t know what that stands for either way…

I’ve measured time over the years with a variety of timepieces, and I always wear a watch. Always.

“You don’t take it off for bedtime?”
“No. Never.”
“What about in the shower?”

And if it needed to be charged, I swapped it out for a backup watch in between. No joke.

But. As of late, I’ve been more apt to stop measuring the things that ARE NOT that important to me, and to continue the journey of disconnection from the online, the always-on, the data collecting hive that is the internet in the form of our smart devices… being helpful with “let me track your heart rate, your steps, and…”

No thanks. I’m cutting the cord, and it’s back to basics. A timepiece to measure time. And that’s all.

Here’s a rundown of some of the watches I’ve had over the past 15+ years. They all still run. And to be fair, I had an Apple iWatch in there someplace, for less than a year (v2). It needed charging every 24 hours. A real pain in the rear… Ultimately I didn’t like it.

CITIZEN Promaster Dive watch.

Measures time. Never needs charging due to Eco-Drive that runs on solar or any other light. Battery reserve 6+ months. Full to empty 12 months (in the dark).

Waterproof to 200 meters for all the deep-sea diving most people do. Bright enough to read in total darkness. Handsome AF. You need one.

GARMIN Instinct Solar Tactical.

Measures everything – steps, heart, breathing, orienteering routes, stars, moons, and intergalactic tensions. Runs full blast for 20+ days on one charge – woah! Super lightweight. Excellent backlight. Easy to read.

Pairs with your phone. Can do notifications if you want to your wrist to vibrate all the time. I never did. I’ll still use this for running, orienteering, etc.

Bonus – the lack of a touchscreen (using buttons instead) means you can control it in snow, rain, and with gloves.

You should get one instead of the Apple iWatch… it’s better.

CASIO Pathfinder.

A non-smart atomic timekeeper that also keeps track of barometric pressure, your altitude, and has a compass, alarms, and so on. Solar powered. Syncs every night with Denver, CO for ultra-precise timekeeping.

Bomb-proof performance. Wore it 24/7/365 for 7 years. No issues. Backlight is perfect. The strap is perfect.

But, it’s a giant watch, so you need to be ready for that. Will not fit under your shirt sleeves if you’re in a suit. Waterproof, obviously.


Same as the Pathfinder, but smaller, with a smaller watch interface. Solar-powered, waterproof, you get the idea. My backup to the Pathfinder if needed. Looks tactical. Oskar borrows it when he needs to.

CITIZEN Eco-Drive Titanium.

My first “adult” watch I bought in high school. Solar-powered, all titanium construction, gold accents. Wore it through college, and if I’m in a suit now. A listing on eBay calls it “vintage” so I guess I’ve got that going for me…

There have probably been a few others, too. I wore the TIMEX Ironmans for a while back in the early 2000s. They last as long as their battery runs, but once you replace it, no more shower watch.

One early-model Ironman got doused with diesel fuel pretty bad in the military, and the face melted.

I wore my dad’s dive watch, too, back in 6th grade. I wish I still had it – maybe he does, but I’m not sure.

And what about all those Rolex watches I keep seeing online? $20K for a watch that I have “to handle easily so it doesn’t scratch” is not what it’s all about. Keep your Submariner – I’ve got a mortgage to pay.

And finally – here are the basics, for me:

  • Waterproof
  • Can be read in the dark
  • Never needs to be charged

What’s on your wrist?