Time travel.

Time travel might not be a thing of reality. Yet.

But tracking where an object has been, is quite simple.

To track a cat for example, all you have to do is check for an open window. Or a balled up piece of paper, perfect for chasing, left on the ground. Or a blanket spread on the couch.

The cat has been there.

It isn’t there anymore.

But at one point, the cat manipulated a human being into opening the window, sat there for a while, and then left.


Can you predict, or even control, the future by examining the past?

Almost certainly.

Open the window proactively, and I bet the cat will arrive. On its own time, naturally, but at some point, it will make its way over there to smell the outside.

Knowing what has happened, by thoroughly examining events in the past, you’re more likely to know what’s about to happen in the future. Events may not be exact, but patterns repeat themselves over, and over, and over again. Always.

And people, in particular, are predictable.

Know someone who’s always early to work? Someone who always shows up for the hard challenges? A colleague who’s always ready to go?

It’s likely, based on your examination of the past, they will continue to perform in the future. After all, they have a history of doing so.

Just like the cat you’ve been tracking by the trail of open windows in your house, if you start paying attention to people’s patterns and habits, you can learn a lot about how the future will unfold.

And like so, as I was writing this, a tail brushed my leg, a window was opened, and not one, but two cats appeared. As predicted. See? It’s true…