Time theft.

I’m over it. It’s 2023.

Why do we continue this nonsense of messing with time “because that’s the way it’s always been…”?

It hasn’t always. There was a time when we lived in harmony with nature. When it was dark, we went to bed. When it was daylight, we did some work.

Hawaii and Arizona don’t even care.

So let’s go. End Daylight Savings.

It ruins the lives of those who live with young kids, pets, and anyone having to come in to work the next morning destroyed from yet another tumble in the timewarp machine that Daylight Savings offers. So, pretty much everyone. No one’s immune to the antics of bureaucracy for bureaucracy’s sake.

Daylight Savings sucks. It saves no one, and we all have access to flashlights or other artificial light sources so you can light your own way if you need to.

My whole weekend is ruined, and I’m bracing for a week or so worth of “oh yeah, right now used to be 5 AM, but it’s 6 AM, so… how does that make any sense when it’s still dark?”

And don’t even get me started about the farming argument. You’re not a farmer and certainly wouldn’t poke around in your little vegetable plot before the first cup of coffee, regardless.

So let’s go. End the misery. Pick a time and stick with it.