So far…

“Did you have a nice summer?”

That’s the question I get when staff comes back in August.

“Sure,” I say.

It’s mid-June.

So far I’ve set up a district-wide phone system (new vendor, new handsets, new extension schema, etc.), presented at a conference, and we’ve ripped up all the asphalt around one of our school buildings.

So, yeah, so far…it’s been productive.

This coming weekend I’m competing in a 3-day national pistol match.

Next up is the dissertation proposal.

Wait. I should have said “vacation.” Or are those things the same? We’re about to find out.

Summer is just a way to keep track of time when it’s a bit warmer. The summer-equals-weeks-off-from-work is over… There’s always more to do. More projects, more challenges.

More stuff to get excited about.

I hate being bored.

So far, it’s been a nice summer.