Silly math problems.

Imagine you’re on a line, and your goal is on the other end, across from you. A single plane. You’re in 2D world. At the end, there’s a door.

How do you get to your goal and open the door?

Take a step. That’s half the distance between you and your goal.

Your goal is now 1/2 the distance away.

Take another step.

Now, your goal is 1/4 of the distance away from where you originally started. Each step halves the distance.

Of course, by now you’ve figured out you’ll never reach the goal if you continue this way. Each step, only half-way closer… 1/2, then 1/4, then 1/8, and so on, ad infinitum.


This is only theoretical in nature, of course. A hypothetical, silly, math problem. In real life, all you have to do is extend your arm, touch the handle, open the door, step through, and reach your goal.

Then on to the next one.

One step at a time…

Math can be silly. But remember—you still have to move forward constantly to reach any goal you set for yourself. I hope you brought your keys, too, because sometimes the doors are locked.

Start with your left foot. Off you go!