Roy Kent, your inner voice…

“Hey, Siri. Play the ‘Roy Is Sorry For Not Understanding Keeley’ Playlist” – Roy Kent

If you haven’t seen Ted Lasso yet on Apple TV, you’re really missing out. A show about football, the proper kind, and so much more. One of the characters, Roy Kent, based on real-life Roy Keane, instantly became my favorite.

He says what my inside voice thinks.

You see, it turns out that Roy Kent is both a real hard-a$$ on the pitch and in the locker room, yet has a soft heart when it comes to those he loves.

“What do you have to be sad about? Did one of the Paw Patrol dogs die?” – Roy Kent

We all have that inner voice – you know the one – that tells you what you should be doing, or should say, but then you hold it back and temper yourself.

Roy Kent doesn’t.

Should you?

“Have some f*&king pride in your shirt or don’t f*&king wear it.” – Roy Kent


It’s probably a good idea to listen to that voice sometimes, and certainly, let it out in private, or with a trusted colleague, or even better, with your therapist.

Roy Kent is about as blunt as they come, and he says it straight to your face with no fear of repercussion.

In today’s world, and especially in a leadership role, it’s good to hold on to Roy and let him inspire you perhaps, but best to polish the message a bit before it hits your lips.

Unless you’re talking about love, I suppose. Then Roy can be a real inspiration, and you should just let it rip.

“You deserve someone who makes you feel like you’ve been struck by f*&king lightning. Don’t you dare settle for fine.”

You deserve to have an inner Roy. And when it comes to love, life, and the pursuit of happiness, don’t settle for less than you want…It’s there for you, just waiting.

Oh, and don’t forget. Roy gets stuff done by being everywhere! So get busy, go lead, and push those goals of yours…

Need that playlist? I got you fam…

Roy Is Sorry For Not Understanding Keely” on Spotify