I was always the kid wearing a hat on the playground when it was cold, even though the other kids said I wasn’t cool. I didn’t care. I was cold.

I always carried extra gear to stay warm, dry, and comfortable. Sure, I paid the price of weight, but a cozy slumber was worth it on January nights under the stars.

I’d rather do my own thing than follow the crowd.

So I pay the price.

The price is extra effort, the non-conforming ways of ridicule, dismissal, and ultimately, the fringe benefit of being who you are.

So I’ll take it.

I’d rather that, than the mainstream, the common, and the “follow the herd” mentality.

I like to look up, in, far away, full zoom, and examine, ponder, question, and do what I want. I don’t care what the popular kids say, do, or think.

They can have their suit and tie, in-crowd, nods, and networks. I roll heavy with skill, experience, creativity, and drive.

You know where to find me.