Learn something NEW.

When it’s time to learn something new, what do you do?

Do you spend the time it takes, enroll in a workshop, get an instruction manual, or poke a stick at it?

For me, it depends.

What’s the purpose? Personal or professional?

If it’s for me, or for fun, there’s nothing to gain but the experience itself, and there’s a low risk level. What’s the worst that can happen? I go back to my old ways, and continue on.

Best case? I learn something new, add it to my toolbox, and share it with others.

Professionally, I tend to spend a bit more time learning before doing, and I often learn/experience something outside of professional projects before moving new skills into the realm that generates income.

Take web design, for example. You’ll likely see something new on my personal blog before I move that skill over to a school district’s website, for example.

And today, on Christmas Day, 2022, what am I learning?

I finally decided to take the leap over to Gutenberg – WordPress’ editor, and force myself to learn it. It’s the future, after all, and I’ve waited far too long to explore the many new content blocks, editing modes, and flexibility it offers.

My sister Maria, me, and my dad on his boat in the Torekov harbor.

The internet remains, like the boat above, but the passengers, captains, and oceans have changed. So should my skills.

So here’s to new beginnings, albeit a bit late, and I’m learning something new by forcing myself to give up the past.

I look forward to new abilities, new opportunities, and new realms. Perhaps you’ll sail with me sometime?

When was the last time you learned something new?

a real question…

This, for example, is a poem written by an AI, about the future. I asked it to “write a poem about the future”…

The future is a mystery,
A path unknown, yet to be seen.
It holds the hopes and dreams we carry,
And all the things we’ve yet to be.
A world of endless possibility,
Where anything could come to pass.

A time of great uncertainty,
But also great potential at last.
The future is a time of change,
Of progress, growth, and evolution.
A time to leave the past behind,
And embrace a brighter solution.

The future is a time to dream,
To imagine all that could be.
A time to rise and take the reins,
And shape our destiny.

So let us embrace the future,
With all its twists and turns.
For even though it may be scary,
It’s also a time for us to learn.


The future is endless and has just begun. It’s a time to learn.

Imagine 50 years from now – you’ll still be alive – what will the world look like then? Auto-generated content, that’s for sure, so who will write all the beautiful prose we’ve come to love?

Enjoy the next 24 hours.