People love acronyms, right?

Here’s one that popped into my head when I was still slumbering on a Sunday morning and didn’t want to open my eyes. I captured it quickly and have let the idea ruminate a bit. So here goes…


L – Learn everything you can about what it is you do. Listen to your people, let them tell you how it works, where the problems are, and what their solutions would be.

E – Engage your team. Let them take the reins, give them support, and make sure they have the resources needed to get it done.

A – Adapt your thinking, skills, and methods to whatever lies ahead of you. Need a softer tone? Work a little later? Now’s the time to adjust and overcome.

D – Decide what works, where to go, what to do…and do just that. If it doesn’t work, make another decision. Start over at the top – learn, get your team, tune in, and get ready to dominate.

Are you ready to L.E.A.D.?

See the picture above? Both horses and camels do well in the sand. But the dromedary does it best. If you’re not constantly looking for the best tools for your team, you’re missing out on a more comfortable journey.