How to help with behaviors…

If you’re like me, sometimes you have to get pretty direct with someone because they’re doing something unsafe…

Here’s a model that keeps me on track by first getting their attention, then letting them know what it is they’re doing, why that’s a bad idea, what I need them to do instead, and why.

Try it next time your kids can’t get what they want… I use it when I drive a school bus all the time! 😉

AIR-DR (Air Doctor?)

  1. Address – “Hey, John Armstrong…” (WHO)
  2. Identify – “you’re out of your seat…” (WHAT)
  3. Rationale – “it’s unsafe, against bus riding conduct, etc…” (WHY)
  4. Direct – “please sit safely in your seat” (HOW)
  5. Reason – “so we can continue driving the bus..” (WHY)

A lot of people, and kids, in particular, need help with the identifying part a lot… they don’t know that what they are doing is a problem – otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it!