Change of taste?

As we grow older, our tastes and preferences change, right?

Never liked beer? Now you do… even IPAs!

Didn’t care for social settings, and now you cruise a hotel ballroom during a cocktail reception like a pro?

Used to love drama, high energy, and now you’re more of a “latte in the morning person”? Sweet, to salty & bitter. Just like my mood sometimes…


Our taste and preference changes as we go. From sweet to salty. From warm to cold. From “let’s go!” to “let me ask some questions…”

And that’s ok.

Think about what got you to where you are today. Those steps influenced you somehow, and of course, you’ll experience change just by doing what you do. Everyone around you changes, too. You have to react, realign, and retool.

You were probably told as a kid that starting the day with a hearty breakfast was the right way to go. And now it bothers your stomach, and you wait until noon. Some call that intermittent fasting. I call it a new normal. For me. And for the record, it’s different when it’s not a workday.

No rush. No deadlines. Just coffee and toast.

Embrace change.

Embrace your new preferences. And stand up to those around you holding on to levels of attachment that aren’t healthy for anyone. Be proud of the new you.

And guess what?

You get a new version of yourself each day. It’s up to you how you present it to the world, and how you utilize the latest update.

Wanna drive change faster? Try something new today… Could be a new idea, a new experience, or a new topping for your toast!