Back to school.

School’s back in session. Our first day was a success; no student got on the wrong bus to get home. Safe and sound, even with a major road flooded.

Looked easy. Felt good.

It’s what people don’t see that made it happen.

Weeks and weeks of planning, testing, data mapping, uploads, rosters, checking, calling, meeting, crying, frustration, launching…

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a small army to run a school district.

An army of dedicated team players who all understand their piece of the puzzle and give it their best, even when the storm clouds are gathering.

Nothing about going back to school is easy.

The dedicated professionals behind every successful opening day are often forgotten. Even to themselves, it’s often hard to realize that what looks and feels like “just another summer of work” is often so far removed from other experiences in the regular world that we take it for granted, and move on with our day.

Technology teams, food service programs, transportation professionals, custodial and maintenance workers, project leads, and supervisors work hard to make that day worth it.

I am fortunate to lead many of the teams on campus that make it happen, and I often reflect on the “dance” that makes it all work.

Here’s to you, dedicated public school professional – a toast in your honor! Well done!

May the school year be successful and full of learning opportunities for you and your teammates and colleagues.

On day two of school this year, at 4 AM, we lost all power and closed school. Downed trees were everywhere, several telephone poles snapped in half, and five confirmed tornadoes had touched down within miles of the district. A new day. A new challenge.

Now what?

We drive on. Like every year. We know what we’re doing because we’ve spent years perfecting our trade.