my plaudits

What my colleagues, mentors, and clients say about me

“You will find Andreas to be very intelligent, a self-starter, and highly motivated. He is an asset to the District as he is an integral part of providing a wealth of experience and exhibiting creativity and perseverance to all projects at hand.”

– Nancy R. Santilli
Superintendent, Kenston Local Schools

“He has consistently demonstrated the kind of intellectual energy that invigorates our profession. Andreas is reflective, scholarly, and caring. He has consistently demonstrated the worthy intention of helping all students achieve.”

– Dr. Janice Hutchison
Coordinator, Masters of Arts in Teaching Program
Kent State University

I was really excited about yesterday’s workshop to start with and it really exceeded my expectations! I will be working a lot with WordPress this coming year through multiple venues and I now feel prepared to do so!

 – Beth Hanlon, NBCT
Wellington Schools

“Andreas utilizes strong technological competencies to enhance his implemented teaching strategies in the classroom.”

– David Broman
Assistant Principal

“Mr. Johansson is impressive in his attempt at seeking feedback from which to learn and improve his skills.”

– Casey Wright

“You [are] consistently well organized with class materials and resources.”

– Kevin Tanner
Assistant Principal

“He maintains a brisk pace via an aggressive spontaneous questioning approach predicated upon student verbal contributions and his lesson objectives.”

– David Broman
Assistant Principal

“The real deal.”

– Dr. Mark Tebeau
Associate Professor, Department of History
Cleveland State University

“He has an excellent rapport with his students, provided for their various learning styles, differentiated instruction and actively involved them in the lesson.”

– Irene Beville
Curriculum Director

“Andreas’ lessons inspired students, other teachers and me to try new techniques.”

– Steve Testa
Teacher Colleague

“[He] has a wealth of information which he imparts with great pride to his students. They feel a sincere rapport with him. Andreas was masterful leading lecture/discussion.”

– David Dickson
Field Supervisor

“You continue to demonstrate significant organizational skills by using ProgressBook, developing lesson materials, using technology, and maintaining a personal web site that contains lesson materials, calendars, and other resources for members of the learning community.”

– Kevin Tanner
Assistant Principal

“…you have the right combination of high tech and practicality rolled into one learning experience.”

– Kathlyn Brown
Director, Professional Development and Outreach
Kent State University


“Thanks for the quick tips training yesterday!! Very valuable for me!! We briefly spoke of some tools that might work more efficiently to connect a cadre of teachers together to share student writing work. The objective of sharing is to seek professional opinion across four grade levels. (Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd grade teachers). I would love to talk to you about some tools that may fit the needs best.”

– Nancy Osko, M. Ed.
Early Literacy Specialist
Region 2 State Support Team (Ohio)

“Thanks again for a great Twitter presentation Tuesday. I would appreciate any information or advice you can give about how to promote my online classes on Twitter or any social media.”

– Ann Ebersole
WVIZ idestream Online Learning Coordinator

“Thank you for your hard work on the Race to the Top Transformation Team during the 2010-2011 school year. With your help, the Nordonia Hills City School District has begun redesigning much of the work we do on a daily basis, implementing the new core standards, redesigning the evaluation systems, and so much more. … It is encouraging to know that there are professional like you who are willing to go above and beyond to make Nordonia the premier school district in Summit County.”

– Joe Clark, Ph.D.
Superintendent, Nordonia Hills City Schools

“Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. Several teachers commented on how much they got from the day, and many are already using some of the features you pointed out.”

– Dave Csank
Principal, Villa Angela St. Joseph

“Thank you for your exceptional In-service for our teachers at Early College High School.”

– M.Dianne Quinn
Principal, Early College High School

“I just wanted to commend Andreas for providing an excellent day of professional development to our high school teachers. He connected very well with the group and everyone came away feeling very positive about our decision to move forward with Google Docs. I am pretty sure they would trade me in for Andreas in a heartbeat.”

– Doug Cogdell
District Technology Coordinator
Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City Schools

“I would like to thank you for the training you provided our staff today. The staff I am sure left today’s training understanding the use of their iPad and thinking of ways to integrate their iPads in the classroom, just wish we had more time. We look forward to the Google docs training you will be providing the staff.”

– Deb Hansen
Computer Integrated Technology/ Gateway to Technology PLTW
Longfellow Middle School

“Thanks so much for your presentation yesterday at Kenston. I am at the Middle School, so I did not get the benefit of hearing you last fall or in the morning. You gave us so many practical ideas, I’m still having a tough time wrapping my mind around all of it.”

– Michael D. Bates, Ed.D.
Seventh Grade – Social Studies
Kenston Middle School

“Thanks for the time you spent putting something together that was specifically designed towards our goals. Your preparation is evident and appreciated. I would also say your energy makes your message that much more lasting.”

– Mike Matthews
Principal, Eastview Elementary School
Avon Lake Schools

“Love your presentation! Your use of Power Point was very effective. Next time, we will use that to enhance what we are doing.”

 – Sheela Das
Associate Director
Roots of American Music

“Thanks for a terrific presentation. Your students are very fortunate to have you as a teacher. Your enthusiasm for what you do is contagious and inspiring. Thanks for all of the information and keep up the great work.”

 – Jane Lyons
Avon Lake Schools

“I really appreciated the supportive, easy-going teaching style. Andreas was so patient as we asked the same question 6 times, because we all had different learning styles/speeds.”

– Paula Sheperd
Kenston Local Schools

“WOW! I wish my brain could handle all this!!! Very cool. Excited to try the next big thing with technology with my students!

– Anne Rosso
Sheffield Schools