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USHIST: After School Movie Events

There will be showings of two films after school, because I think they’re worthwhile, and valuable for you to see. Both are true stories, one about Vietnam, the other about Afghanistan. However, one is rated R, and therefore, I cannot show it during regular school hours.

I will offer extra credit for attending the screenings, 15 points per movie for attending and leaving a comment on the website. Additionally, you will have to have a signed parent permission form in order to attend the showing of RESTREPO. All extra credit will be awarded after final exempt status has been decided.

RESTREPO is open to both ECON and USHIST students, Rescue Dawn, only to USHIST.


Get the permission form here, or grab a copy in room #113.

Video Permission Form RESTREPO


  • Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 @ 12:00 PM <— MUST HAVE SIGNED PERMISSION FORM TO ATTEND!


Rescue Dawn (Rated PG-13)

Dieter Dengler (Christian Bale), a U.S. Navy pilot in squadron VA-145, is shot down in his A-1 Skyraider over Laos in February 1966, while on a combat mission. He survives the crash only to be pursued, and ultimately captured, by a local militia of the Pathet Lao. Dengler is given the chance for leniency by the Province Governor (Fran├žois Chau) if he signs a document condemning America, but he refuses. He is tortured and taken to a prison camp. There he meets fellow American military soldiers and pilots, such as Gene DeBruin (Jeremy Davies) and Duane W. Martin (Steve Zahn), some of whom have been captive for years. Dengler begins planning an escape, much to the disbelief of his fellow combatants, who have been downtrodden through physical and psychological torture from the camp guards.


The film follows the 2nd Platoon of Battle Company on a 15-month deployment in the Korengal Valley of northeast Afghanistan. It chronicles the lives of the men from their deployment to the time of their return home. The Korengal Valley was at the time regarded as “the deadliest place on Earth” (as stated in the documentary itself, trailers, and television commercials on the National Geographic Channel). The goal of the deployment is to clear the Korengal Valley of insurgency and continue to gain the trust of the local populace. They begin their deployment at OP Korengal, and early in the campaign PFC Restrepo is killed, as well as another team member, PFC Vimoto. The film portrays the construction of an advanced outpost, OP Restrepo, as well as the challenges and intermittent firefights they faced while they managed to build the outpost from nothing in only one night. In the latter portion of the film, the extremely dangerous mission Operation Rock Avalanche is shown along with some of its tragic consequences, such as dead civilians and soldiers, as well as the emotional distress that the soldiers are left with in its aftermath.