Unemployment – Week 4

I’m still looking for stable employment, and so far it’s pretty tough to find a teaching job. It’s funny, when the state of Ohio advises that in order to be considered for unemployment compensation, you have to apply for at least two jobs in your career field. In the teaching field, there aren’t that many available… Especially since we’re not willing to move to southern Ohio, or over to the west. Why? Well, for starters, we own two houses here, have all of our family here, and with the 4-month old, that really helps. So, no move for us.

However, I did find some jobs, and applied. I have an interview this coming week at Summit County ESC, and I’m waiting on another. Then I’m taking the police test at Kent State University, so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully something happens soon, so we can stop worrying about health insurance, mortgage payments, etc.


Here are the jobs I applied to this week:

  • Resident Hall Director, Kent State University
  • Assistant Director, Center for Student Involvement, Kent State University
  • Coord, Teacher Induction & Prof Devel Pgms, Cleveland State University