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Unemployment – Week 1

I became unemployed on June 11th, 2011.

After having worked for the last three years at Nordonia High School teaching U.S. History and Economics, and earning tenure this spring, I was laid off due to levy failures. Fun!

I filed for unemployment online with the state of Ohio, and received bunch of paperwork in the mail a few days later. The PIN code they sent was invalid, of course, and multiple phone calls, faxing (yes, it’s the 1990s!) copies of my social security card and driver’s license to them, we might have rectified the situation. Now, of course, all I’m waiting on is them calling my employer to verify that I actually am unemployed, and not scamming the system.

Some of the week’s conversation highlights:

Me: “The PIN code I was issued doesn’t work, and I can’t file my claim.”
Them: “Oh, all of the PIN codes we send are invalid, so you have to request a new one.”
— —
Me: “I was laid off from teaching at a high school this spring due to levy failures.”
Them: “So when does the new semester or term start?”
Me: “It doesn’t. I was laid off. I am now unemployed.”
— —
Them: “So, what about this job at Kent State University?”
Me: “That was a workshop. Two days. No healthcare, etc.”
Them: “So, when does the new semester or term start?”
Me: “It was a workshop. 16 hours worth of work. No benefits. Not full time employment.”
Them: “Oh, okay. When does the new semester or term start?”
Me: “It doesn’t.”


Here are the jobs I applied to:

  • Portage Lakes Career Center
  • Olmstead Falls Schools
  • Summit County ESC