The Most Amazing Corn Chowder!

It was scheduled to be one of my regular “cowboy meals”, with potatoes, bacon, some beans maybe, and vegetables. Then I started cooking, remembered the dairy I had, and what Jae had been asking for… so it became, mid-cooking, the most amazing corn chowder. We couldn’t stop eating it, and had to restrain ourselves to save some left overs. Not kidding! Hope you like it, or become inspired by it, at least.


How To

  1. Start by cutting up, using scissors, the 1/2 lb bacon. Fry in separate pan, nice and crisp. Add some Knob Creek to keep it real.
  2. Cut up potatoes – they’re small, so I make 3 cuts per potato, yielding half-wedges, I guess.
  3. Cook potatoes on medium, with oil, in pan. Add Valentina according to your preference, but a little goes a long way (this produces a nice, gentle ‘bite’ to the chowder.)
  4. After a while, when potatoes are getting softer, but not mushy, and the bacon is done and drained, add the bacon, corn, and Half & Half.
  5. Season with pepper, and tandoori. Add maybe some Arizona spice, if you have it.
  6. Let simmer for a while (10 minutes). Soak up the flavor, yo!
  7. Cut up, fine, half a green tomato. Add to chowder. Get ready to serve.
  8. Final taste test, check for heat (spice), and prepare plates.
  9. Plate in bowls, finish with some garnish (slice of avocado worked well!)
  10. Enjoy!