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Reading: Ethanol Madness

Here’s the 2nd reading for this week – due to the snow day, it’s due this weekend sometime (you should have it done by Sunday, 2/6/2011, for sure…)

Ethanol Madness

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what about a rise in the cost of corn for food?…if more is being used for fuel, then there is less to be used as food, supply and demand – thus it seems the price of food would go up more than the 50 cent cost increase in fuel the article speaks of…corn starch and corn syrup are in just about everything we eat…take a look at the labels, it would seem that over time the cost of all these products would increase over time…unintended consequences…but let’s assume that we just plant more corn, then that would be less land being used to cultivate wheat or soy beans, etc, etc, so the cost of those products would then increase…maybe it is all just “a wash”…and we have not even started to consider the environmental aspects…

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