Economics History In Review

Q4 Week 7 – In Review

The week started off on Monday with most, if not all, of the Sophomores attending Physics Day at Cedar Point. I don’t think I had more than 6-7 students all day. The few Juniors that showed up for Economics entertained themselves, and none of the Seniors were in attendance due to prom weekend’s extended activities! I spent the day planning for an interview at Summit County ESC, and preparing the rest of the week’s lectures and activities.

On Tuesday we began a unit on Civil Rights by seeing a short video on Rosa Parks from, which helped the students better understand the events around the bus boycotts, and how that eventaually led to desegregation of not only busing, but the rest of society as well.

On Wednesday, we reviewed and debriefed the video in preparation for the primary document activity starting Thursday. Thursday started with “late start”, where students show up two hours later, and the staff has professional development in the morning.

4th and 7th periods were able to get started on Thursday in the IMC, investigating nine primary documents around the bus boycott, noting what they had learned in their self-made learning log.

On Friday we got all the classes up to speed, and worked on analysis in the IMC.

In economics, we charged hard with lectures on Taxes, the Government, and Fiscal Policy. Some of the Seniors will be taking the econ final exam next week, a little early, so hopefully they are preparing themselves for that. The rest of us will wait until finals week for the final exam. All of the review terms are available here, so please make sure to check them out.

On Friday in Economics, we took the day off since it was such a nice day out, and I introduced the students to a Swedish game called Kubb. It’s a lawn game that involves quite a bit of strategy and skill, especially the longer you play it. The students enjoyed it a lot, and I’m thinking we can probably throw in another day or so next week, depending on how classes go.

Here are the Kubb World Championship Rules for those of you who want to investigate more, or make your own set!