Economics History In Review

Q4 Week 4 – In Review

In US History, we began the week with another work day due to circumstances last week, and it fit in the schedule just fine. Students worked on their 16.3 homework, and we talked about the upcoming week. Tuesday we started our culminating activity for the Cold War by seeing the animated version of Dr. Seuss’ The Butter Battle Book, which parables the Cold War, but in a Seussical fashion. Students compared the Butter Battle to real Cold War actions using a T-chart, and we ended the class with a group discussion on the items.

On Wednesday, we started on our one-page Dr. Seuss inspired Cold War adventure, where I asked them to create a page to go in a book. The requirements included an illustration in color, a paragraph using Seuss rhyming scheme, and weaving in of Cold War terms. If they made up new words, they got a small bonus! I provided the markers, paper, colored pencils, about 20 or so Dr. Seuss books from Stow Library, and of course, toast. I brought in my toaster, several loaves of bread, and butter – all so we could have our own in-house “Butter Battle”. We enjoyed the toast, and we got a lot done. Thursday we finished up, and Friday we ended with The Week in Rap, presentation of our Dr. Seuss pages, and preparing for Space Week.

In Economics, we spent Monday and Tuesday continuing on the Food, Inc. / Six Hats Project, which went really well. Those projects will be graded soon, and we’ll present them next week (or at least a selected few). On Wednesday, we began a new section Market Structures, with discussions on Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, and Monopoly. Lots of vocab, and understanding what they different structures do, and how they operate. I showered the class with examples of where to find the different structures in real life, and we touched on non-price competition, especially how it effects the gas station markets around our school, and really everywhere. With gas prices at $4/gallon, it’s starting to hurt… How will that impact the other services the gas stations provide? Will you still get that drink if you’re shelling out for gas?

On Friday, we ended by playing Monopoly, using a quick start method, as well as using some financial tools allowing us to play without using the cash money, which makes for a quicker game. Read more about how we do that here.