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Project Yurt – Khana Notes

I’ve started in earnest on the big yurt (Mongolian ger), and it’s sizing up to be a 16 foot diameter yurt. I went to Terry’s lumber in Peninsula today to get the pieces for the khana, as I decided against ripping two-by material, and instead using 1x2s that I’ll router the edges off of.

Some background:

16 ft diameter yurt = circumference of 50 some feet. If the khana slats are spaced at 12 inches (using 1x2s should be no problem), that will yield 100 slats (1x2s). The door will measure 3 ft (already built, more notes, schematics and pics later), so in essence the yurt will actually be 16ft+ when done.

Here are the materials list for the khana, 16ft diameter:

  • 1x2x8ft – 100

The reason it’s 100, is that that will get divided in half (to produce the khana), spaced at 12 inches, making 50 ft of khana. I’ll be making mine in two sections, each measuring 25 ft, for ease of transportation. More on this later…

Actually… I made some slight miscalculations, and it turns out I had neglected to calculate the hypotenuse for a square with 12″ sides. According to the Pythagorean theorem, that hypotenuse is square root of 288, which is ~17″. So, with a spacing up top of the khana, where each section comes together, of 17″, instead of 12″, I now need less khana routered (a good thing), and will have to adjust some things… if I had continued with 50 sections (crosses), and 100 khana slats, the yurt would have ended out being 22′ in diameter. A sizable, yet too large of a dwelling for us!

So, now that we have appreciated maths ability to help in construction, onwards we go!