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P-TECH Reflection # 1

Yesterday we talked a lot about hardware, classroom setups, thoughts about how to use technology, how to communicate, and build relationships. We also covered ways for you to prepare teaching materials, etc. online using WordPress.

In a reflection piece – what do you want your teaching and learning environment to look like? What tools do you envision yourself using as a teacher? What tools would you like for your students to become proficient on? What will you need to do in order to accomplish your goals? How will you know you’re successful? What does that look like?

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Ideally, I want my learning environment to be a place where students feel comfortable, and I want my teaching to relate to students lives and engaging. To accomplish this I picture myself using a “smart board” or a similar set-up (such as the i-pad rig you described). I really like have students assess their own and others work, so being able to broadcast a problem and have a student work it out with the support/critique of the class can be a very revealing process, with the i-pad or smart board just helping with speed of transfer (so the student does not have to re-write the problem, don’t have to leave their desk, etc). In general, I’d like my students to also become proficient on using their calculators – it’s a tool that will always be close-at-hand and if they can become truly proficient my students can use it to solve a very large range of problems (especially with finances, etc). Another interesting program would be to have students use web-based mathematics programs such as geogebra (a free-ware geometry program). Although these usually have high learning curves, the process of finding, downloading, and evaluating resources online is a skill that will really pay dividends to students. Well to accomplish some of my goals I know I’ll probably need to get some money to build my ideal set-up, but I also know I need to learn when technology is pertinent and not just another distraction. How will I know if I’m successful? Well making math fun & engaging is rare among traditional mathematics classes, so if I can make students truly want to inquire about what their learning and yearn for answers I know I will have succeeded.

I want my teaching and learning environment to be a place of safety and freedom, which uses technology to help stimulate and motivate students to learn and think at higher levels. I want to keep parents in the loop when it comes to their child’s education. I will use a website, email and telephone to accomplish this. I will also have each student do a technology survey so I can see just what their skills and proficiency is as well as what they have to work with at home.

I will develop a website that allows parents to know exactly what we are doing in class. I will use this webpage to blog about classroom activities and lessons as well as post assignments and have a discussion board for students to continue to discuss topics that we covered in class or ask questions to fellow students or myself if they get home and can’t remember what they need to do. I want to use technology to my advantage to create a class that goes beyond the walls of the school.

I will definitely need to be proficient in wordpress in order to get my website up and running as well as the latest advances in the iPad2 and projection software technology. I want to create lessons that use differentiated instruction and multiple modalities to cater to all learning styles. I want to be able to embed videos, pictures, and audio in my lectures and have the students be able to interact with the lessons. So if I ask a question I could have each student use their iPads to answer the question and then see the results and see who is getting it and who isn’t and where I need to recover topics and where I don’t.

In order to do this I will need to buy an iPad2 and purchase a dot net website from wordpress, as well as any applications, programs or gadgets that might go along with these devices to reach the functionality I need to accomplish my goals. Once I see my classroom I will then have to determine what technology I am given and what I need to purchase, borrow or manipulate in order to achieve my perfect classroom environment. I am pretty confident from my current classroom set up job about how to set up devices to projectors but I am not certain about any iPad2 applications or how to link them and use them effectively in a classroom. So I will need more knowledge on this.

I know I’ll be successful when I see that the website is interactive and students as well as parents understand how to use it. I will also know I’m successful by the quality of work that I am getting from my students. Are they engaged with the lessons and are they using the technology efficiently? Is higher learning taking place and is technology being used to better my lessons and better engage my students? What I don’t want is to use technology the same way as I could use an overhead projector or a chalkboard. If that is the case then I am cheating my students, my school and myself.
To tell you the truth I am not really sure what this will look like. I hope it would be students up out of their chairs, at times; learning in motion or using their iPad2’s to research a topic and then teaching me and their peers about their discovery. Also, I would like to see discussions and continued educational opportunities on my web page as students continue to talk about lessons and post reflections and thoughts online. I would like parents to email me or seeing me at conferences and tell me how much they appreciate the opportunity to see exactly what their child is learning and doing in my class. I would hope that this would create a better relationship with me and the parents and that the atmosphere would be a unified effort to educate their children instead of this us vs. them mentality that sometimes exists.
Overall, I want to move with the times of technology and keep striving to incorporate new ways of using Tech to my advantage. I will write grants to get money to do this and will beg, bribe and personally purchase in order to see this happen. I will keep up with technology by continuing to take workshops in the summer and learn all I can to achieve my goals.

I would like my teaching environment to be a safe place for students to learn and participate. Technology is a great tool to help me achieve. Students should know how to use the internet in a productive manner, it is not going away any time soon. Students being able to use the internet efficiently will allow them to use it to its full potential both in school and in the workforce. My classroom will be a safe place to help students learn how to navigate on the internet. i really like the apple ipad and cannot wait for the demonstration next Saturday, so far it sounds like I would use the ipad for a lot more than a smart board while the ipad can perform many of the same functions.
To know that i am successful with my goal of getting students to excel using the internet, by the end of the year my students should be able to perform a search entirely on their own for some type of extended inquiry project. really if I do my job right, near the end of my time with my students, i should be able to give them a task and sit back watching them do the work.

Thank you so much for all the information you gave us on saturday! I am looking forward to learning more this week! I always thought i was current with technology know hows but sadly that is no longer the case! This change so quickly! I never really used too much technology other than an overhead projector and a vcr/dvd! I actually turned the administration down when they asked if i wanted a smartboard. I couldnt really see the purpose in regards to art. But i could have used the projector the smart board comes with to expand my lessons to show the students art work in vivid colors instead of hardcopies in paper or posters. I really would enjoy using wordpress as well , but exspecially storybook! They would have loved that! I made them write stories and illistrate them by hand! Nothing wrong with it but using technology as well would have really excited them and kept them more involved in the project! Being a successful teacher is having students excited and eager to learn when they come to your classroom! I had that but i could have really expanded on that with technology. You should give your students every opportunity you can to expand their knowledge. My next teaching job, i hope to incorporate that same knowledge, but this time around i will incorporate technology as well! How, by loading up my classroom with as much technology as possible! I will ask the administration for the items i want and either supply what they dont give me or apply for grants! Thank you so much for opening my eyes!

I want my classroom to be student friendly. They should have the freedom to share their ideas/concerns in the classroom (not personal problems). I believe technology is really a necessity in the classroom in order to make lessons more interactive. If a teacher is going to lecture the entire lesson, students will get bored and some may even lose their interest. Having computers in the class would be a great idea. Being a science teacher, I would like to assign some science projects to do where students can find interesting articles or research details required for the project without bothering me. I want them to work independently and just want to monitor them occasionally to make sure that they are doing their work. One important factor to remember is that teachers have to make sure that internet is not misused by students and no one is hurt in anyway. We all hear about cyber bullying and students posting comments on twitters and facebook. As teachers we have to make sure that in the classroom students are not doing that. That is why I said we have to monitor them in between.

I like the idea of using blogs. Students can carry on the conversation beyond the classroom by posting blogs. But I am not familiar with wordpress. I use them only for posting blogs. It was really good to know other applications of wordpress. Looking forward to learn more from this session.

I am eager to have a break over the winter so I can get to work on my teacher website. I believe this is an important tool to keep both my students and the parents up to date on what is going on in my classroom. There should be transparency as to what is being explored in my lessons. My main goal within the classroom is to keep the students engaged. Often, the way science is taught within a school is nowhere near how science is studied outside of the classroom. With the implementation of technology in my classroom, I can bring students up to date with the exponential increase of technology in my field. My content area is also very visual, and an iPad set-up in my class will allow the students to understand the material better. I do not want to be the teacher that assumes my students can see concepts in the way that I am used to. If I can keep my students from getting a glazed over look in their eyes and instead inspire them to continue with a curiosity in the field, I feel that would be a success. I have already bought a Logitech clicker to use during my unit, so I can have more freedom during a lesson. One step at a time!

Last night I wrote a great post and lost it when your CAPTCHA tool bounced me out and my writing was gone. Technology can be cumbersome, frustrating and difficult to learn. Once a piece of it is learned it can be a powerful tool with many uses. Unfortunately sometimes when one has a fantastic hammer that they love, all that they see is nails. My use of technology will be guided by one question, “Is this the right tool for the job?” Achieving my teaching goals and how technology in the classroom can help, will be first and foremost in my thinking.
Being a pragmatist, I will make the best of the technology that is available. I will model for my students resourcefulness in using the equipment we have to its fullest potential. I agree with Jarred that a website and e-mail are essential and expect the school to provide that and a teacher’s page of my own. If a website is not available at the school, then I will do my best to help develop one. I want a projector, if I have to buy one and bring my own laptop, I’ll do that. My chem. professor last year used a laptop with a writing tablet to work problems, show video, go online, play music and do animations. I am not a true believer in Apple, so I will investigate all options if I am buying equipment. I hope to have laboratory equipment that is computer supported. As much as I hate them, this will require that I teach significant figures. Accuracy can be misleading when an instrument will read to 10 decimals.
To accomplish my goals, I will need to learn to use the technology that is available to the best of my ability, to know when I need help and be able to find it, to augment what I am using with purchases or procurements of hardware and software when necessary, to envision what will help my learners and me to reach our goals. I will know I’m on the right track when I see that technology is making learning more engaging and freeing up time for us to look deeper into the knowledge we seek.

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