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Mr. Johansson’s Pledge

A CHALLENGE to those brave souls in my U.S. HISTORY courses:

If, by the end of QUARTER III, you raise your CLASS AVERAGE by 5%, I will provide, FREE OF CHARGE, a feast of unheard proportions, or in all likelihood, supply your class with PIZZA or DONUTS in order so that we may CELEBRATE your SUCCESS!


2nd∘- FROM 86.2% TO 91.2%
3rd∘- FROM 87.4% TO 92.4%
4th∘- FROM 75.1% TO 80.1%
7th∘- FROM 74.3% TO 79.3%

This I pledge, voluntarily, and without hesitation, on the 3rd day of FEBRUARY, 2011.


Here’s the PDF of the pledge hanging in my classroom – Johansson Pledge

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