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Managing white space!

Managing white space when writing for publication online is key to readability! Too many cluttered paragraphs (or no paragraphs!) stop people from reading on, and often loses reader interest, and eventually, less page views and subscribers, etc. Here are some tips on managing the space where words don’t go:

Paragraphs – keep them small, and separated. Try to limit your paragraphs to a few sentences, and really think about the logical places where you can break up the text. Also, add an extra line between paragraphs (just like this blog post…), instead of just enter in single space mode (like in a paper…).

Stuff – use lists, bullet points, and maybe numbered lists instead of keeping the list of items in the paragraph itself, in order to better display what you’re trying to say. So, to model, use:

  • lists;
  • bullet points;
  • and, numbered lists
to convey your message!
So, got it? And by the way, this goes for comments as well, especially when you’re writing for a formal assignment, or commenting on something multiple people will read.