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Econ: Final Exam Information

Here’s some information for you in regards to the final exam for Honors Economics:

  1. If you’re a Senior, you may take the final exam any time this week, as long as you schedule it in advance. After school is not an option other than Wednesday, May 25th, 2011. All other times must be before or during school.
    • It’s up to you to make sure you schedule and take the final exam, not me. Make sure you understand that responsibility.
  2. Study materials for the final exam are available here. Please study, and make sure you’re comfortable with all of those terms.
  3. The final exam consists of 200 matching / multiple choice type questions. It usually takes students (based on prior years knowledge) at least 1 full hour to complete the exam.
  4. The final exam for my class (Mr. Johansson, 6th period, Spring 2011) is scheduled for June 7th, 2011 during the second exam slot. Make sure you attend. It will be extremely difficult for you to make up an exam after we leave for the year!