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Just as an FYI…

The Chapter 1 Essay test is due today (here, online), so make sure you get that done. Also, if you’d like a chance at the Banana stand extra credit, now’s the time – that opportunity closes today as well. Lastly, don’t forget the Ethanol reading that’s due as well, since you got some extra time to work on it due to the snow days last week.

So far, the essays have been good, and the comments well written. Keep up the good work! See you in class Monday! And don’t forget to read chapter 2, as it goes rather quickly, and the test will happen this week.

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An economist may say that choosing is refusing because when you choose, you are giving up other opportunities. There are many alternatives to one choice, and the choice of the opportunity cost has to be made. An example is a multiple choice test. It says to pick A, B, C, or D. Well, these are actually alternatives, not choices. You could choose to fill in all the bubbles, only some, or none at all. There are no more alternatives to a choice once it has been made, so choosing is refusing to accept other alternatives.

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