Dear Ohio Turnpike:

Why must you insist on switching the lanes for EZPass? I’d like to be able to predict which lane I need to get into everyday, since I’m on the ‘pike twice a day. Why not establish the left most lane as the EZPass lane. Always.

Instead, you insist on making a fool of us drivers, by switching the lanes every other minute. At the very least, only make weekly changes – not on a rolling basis!

In addition, when will we see high speed lanes? I’m getting tired of having to wait for the gate to come up or down, and perhaps strike my roof when it feels like not recognizing my EZPass! Come on, fix the system!

Thanks for listening.

Ever yours,

A Humble Turnpike User

One reply on “Dear Ohio Turnpike:”

Preach it…I agree 100 percent…other states have it…if I have to stop every time why have an EZ pass…:-)

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