20 Facts about Social Media that will make you go wow!

Social Media ? Facebook and Twitter – That’s what you thought all it was, isn’t it ? Well, No!

In 2010, the internet saw some radical changes on social media, internet usage and the way content is being populated and exchanged online. Looking at the figures, you’d think – WOW! When did this really happen ?

1. Internet Users in the Middle East has risen to 63.2 million by 2010.

The Middle East population is estimated at 212 million. This means that the penetration ratio of the Internet with respect to its population is 29.8% – the biggest ever recorded !

2. In Middle East, Iran is the country with the maximum Internet penetration ratio.

With a penetration ratio of 52.5%, its got an enviable internet population compared to other countries in the Middle East.

3. There was an increase of 14% in the number of Internet users worldwide in 2010.

Which is seriously interesting and goes to answer those skeptics who claims that the internet is saturated. No. It is growing, and at a pace we’ve seen never before.

4. At the end of 2010, there were 88.8 Million domain names registered in total !

That’s quite a number. 88.8 Million websites out there. We would assume that one person will never finish browsing all the websites ever in his lifetime.

5. Number of Blogs has risen to 152 million by 2010.

Do you have a blog, by the way ? If not, its high time you added on.

6. The average number of videos watched on YouTube is 2 Billion.

YouTube is an exclusive video site, and if you thought that’s a stat to go wow, check the next one.

7. Number of videos watched on Facebook is higher than YouTube. Approximately 2.5 Billion/day.

So, its clearly not YouTube that’s the leader in videos.

8. Number of photos uploaded to Flickr per month = 130 Million

When it comes to photos, Flickr is the leader. No other social media channel comes to even half as close as Flickr.

9. Number of Facebook applications installed everyday is 20 Million

There are clearly a lot of applications other than FarmVille out there.

10. As of December 2010, there were 255 million websites live on the internet.

152 million blogs and 255 million websites. How many of them have you read so far ?

11. Every minute 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

35 hours of video every minute. 2100 hours of video every hour. 50400 hours of video every day.

12. Total number of Instant Messaging users by 2010 is 2.4 billion !

That includes all the instant messaging tools usage, like Google Talk, Yahoo messenger, Skype etc.

13. Total number of Twitter users by 2010 = 175 million !

Which means 175 million people are involved in random talk and tweeting in 140 characters. Now, who’s denying ?

14. 250 million New people registered on Facebook in 2010

Imagine, if every year, 250 million people added up ?

15. 70% of Facebook’s userbase is outside the U.S

Facebook has become truly a global phenomenon now. Isn’t it ?

16. By 2010, there are more than 5 Billion mobile connections in the world !

Mobile applications, anyone ?

17. The average number of videos an Internet user in U.S watches on the internet = 186

This is pretty much close to the rest of the world, but what’s more interesting is that the source is Facebook and YouTube.

18. The average number of photos uploaded on facebook per year = 36 billion.

That’s very less compared to Flickr, but its interesting to see Facebook eating up to other specialized social media channels like YouTube and Flickr with its content.

19. Number of new users on Twitter in 2010 = 100 Million

Clearly, after Facebook, Twitter is the most fast growing website on the internet today.

20. The most popular browser on the internet today is Internet Explorer, despite fierce competition from Firefox and Chrome.

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