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The Right Direction with a Thumb Compass

If you enjoy sports like orienteering, adventure racing, or just hiking in the woods, you’ve probably used a compass. Most of us are familiar with the basic base plate compass, but many, especially in orienteering, have long since switched over to thumb compasses. Let’s take a closer look at what a thumb compass looks like, how to use it (there are a few methods!), and what some of the more popular choices are.

Orienteering / Manatoc 19MAR2016

I helped organize and design the orienteering event at Manatoc this weekend, and was able to run one of the short course we had designed. I ran the BEARS course that Bob B. had designed and set, as I felt running the other two (one that I designed, and I ended up setting both) would have been a bit unfair…

Orienteering – The Trick-O-Treat at North Chagrin

It was off to one last orienteering event with NEOOC this fall (too bad there aren’t more…), this time in the unbelievably beautiful North Chagrin Reservation. Just driving there was a treat, with road names like Strawberry Lane, and Buttermilk Falls Pkwy. And the autumn leaves were on full display, a last hurrah before winter’s grip in a few weeks. Read on for more…

Orienteering – The Goat @ Kendall Lake

A few weeks back I volunteered to help run the Goat event with NEOOC (my orienteering club) as a starter. Turned out we were doing a mass start either way, so I found myself busy with registration, helping folks get ready, starting a few white course runners, and explaining the format. And then it was my turn…