Reflections / #ITIP15 Google Summit


The Google Summit is at Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky – a great venue for a conference like this since there were about 650 attendees. Lots of great conference rooms, lodging, etc. ITIP had organized it well with a dedicated conference app that listed sessions, speaker info, etc. One nice thing – it seemed to not need the internet to function, which always seems to break the experience elsewhere, like down at OETC in Columbus. App was easy to use. I’ll be looking for more info about using it for my conference projects that I’m involved with like, etc.


Lots of great sessions, most if not all focused on Google in some way. Lots of speakers are tech integration people that actively use the technology themselves, or work with teachers to integrate tech in the classroom. Super!

Here are some takeaways from Thursday’s sessions:

  • ODE has a new Director of Technology Integration. I’ll probably reach out to her at some point to get introduced, and see where I can help at the state level.
  • The keynote speaker shared some cool tools that I’ve seen before, but had forgotten about: Google Ngram Viewer, Google Correlate, Google News Archive, Google Trends Explorer, and Google Data Explorer.
  • I attended a short session on PearDeck hoping to learn more, but didn’t… a bit disappointing. PearDeck is still a cool tool that I’ll investigate more for use with our teachers in a larger scale, since it allows a really nice workflow for interactive instruction.
  • Another session was Jake Miller on New Visions CloudLab with lots of cool add-ons for Google Sheets and Forms. Great stuff to solve lots of problems in linking data in sheets, or if you do a lot of work with collecting data in Forms. Stellar preso as usual from Jake.
  • Learned about the CETL certification (Certified Educational Technology Leader) and will look into that here.
  • Learned about the super awesome Easy Accents Language Toolbar for Google Docs – all foreign language users should know about this, and use it!

Google Slam Session

The Google Slam session was cool. Lots short presentations on neat stuff. Here are some of the highlights (for me):

  • OneTab – adds lots of tabs to one tab. That’s it. Check it out of you use lots of tabs in your Chrome browser.
  • Ballloon – A direct way to save web files to cloud storages(Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Copy, and SugarSync).
  • Hack this page.
  • Google Art Project.
  • Snagit for creating GIF’s, and more, like screen shots, etc.
  • Creating a Face Movie with Picasa.
  • Uploading a picture to a Drive folder on your mobile device.