Q&A | Lean Six Sigma – 8 Wastes – Motion & Transportation

A while back, I recorded this video, and posted it. It attracted a great question from a viewer. I gave my answer (see below). Would you answer differently (in terms of lean / six sigma)?

From Ngina Kieti, via YouTube

I am trying to understand motions in terms of ergonomics. I take a trip to the furthest restroom so that I can work extra steps since I have to sit up to 8 hours and am trying to be healthy in steps. In Lean Six Sigma this extra steps would be considered waste in terms of motion. How do you effectively merge the two to avoid having employees leaving due to health complications?

My answer…

Great question! I think it’s a matter of thinking value stream down to the customer. Your steps to the restroom, in real terms, does nothing for the customer, and Lean and Six Sigma is focused on the value you add to the customer. So steps to the restroom are technically non-value added activities. While good for you (I do the same thing!), it’s ultimately not good for the customer. Does that make sense?

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