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Apps in the classroom!

Last fall, Rebecca Allen distributed brand-new Apple iPad tablet computers instead of books to her fourth-grade class at the Rich Acres Elementary …

Wonder Toddler Wednesday–Mulan

Wonder Toddler Powers, activate! Form of…Mulan getting ready for the matchmaker!Eme got a costume for Christmas that is supposed to look like a traditional Chinese outfit (thanks Aunt Gillie and Uncle Ryan!). She calls it her "Muuman dress." She enjoys putting on the whole getup (including a pair of red shoes–thanks Papa Guy–and a pink fan) and acting out the first few scenes of Mulan (

Welcome to Wonder Toddler Wednesday!

New year, new baby on the way, and my girl has been a toddler for some time now, so welcome to the newly named (but still the same) Wonder Toddler Wednesday!Wonder Toddler powers, activate! Form of…the cutest sheep in the Christmas play!At the last …

Wonder Baby Wednesday #37

Wonder Baby Powers, activate! Form of…Maid Marion (the fox version from the Disney Robin Hood cartoon) or Maria from Sound of Music. Or both.Eme is at an age where she loves to mimic things she sees. When she wanted to put dishtowels on her head to …

Wonder Baby Wednesday #36

Wonder Baby Powers, activate! Form of…Daddy’s little helper."Mommy, I haf do some wurt.""Ok, why don’t you go sit by Daddy and you can work on his phone while he works on his computer?"(yes, she does know how to use the iPhone with very little help.)My favorite part is that they each needed a drink to keep from getting parched because they’re working so hard — guess whose drink is in the

2 am calls are never something you want

I usually stick to posting about Eme on this blog, but something funny happened to me over the weekend and I really wanted to share…I got drunk-dialed. And texted. Multiple times. By someone I’ve never met.Allow me to re-create the timeline for you here (texts are verbatim):Saturday to Sunday:10:49 pm — missed call from a number I didn’t recognize, no message11 pm — text from same number: "