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Swedish Pizza Salad

I’ve been hankering for some homeland pizza salad lately, and figured I’d experiment with a few trial and error batches. This pizza salad is served with all pizza in Sweden, mandatorily, and you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Here’s the recipe that seems to work, practically.

Processing Mapping with the Kids

I’m attending a Lean Ohio workshop over five days, and have learned more formally about the lean process in my journey towards the Black Belt… Here I practice process mapping with my kids, in a couple of different variations.

Hovs Hallar & Building Cairns

Hovs Hallar is right around the corner from Torekov, and we visited quite frequently. I love this place – wish I could …

Magnarp 2014

This is where my dad grew up. We stayed in a hostel for two nights during our trip there.

Torekov 2014

This is where I grew up. Visiting brought back some memories.