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LEGO Adventure Land

We build a lot with LEGO at home, and the kids like to create their own worlds… Here’s one of those times.

Hiking & Grillkorv on Arpo (again)

We headed back to Arpo (an island) for more hiking and lunch. This time, the weather was a lot better, and we got to do some bathing / swimming as well. Especially Oskar, who would not come out, even when his lips turned blue!

Extreme Fika & Playground

We enjoyed lots of fika in Sweden, and here’s one after the castle visit in Kalmar. Great playground, beautiful park to fika …

Kalmar Slott (the Castle of Kalmar)

One of the most significant political events in Scandinavia took place at Kalmar Castle in 1397, when the Kalmar Union was formed – a union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (including Finland), organized by Queen Margaret I of Denmark. We visited there…

Eketorp – A Viking Fortress

Eketorp is an Iron Age fort in southeastern Öland, Sweden, which was extensively reconstructed and enlarged in the Middle Ages. Throughout the ages the fortification has served a variety of somewhat differing uses: from defensive ringfort, to medieval safe haven and thence a cavalry garrison.


One of my all-time favorite dishes, even though I didn’t grown up eating them. Super delicious, versatile, and readily available in all of south-eastern Sweden.

STF in Magnarp

We stayed at a hostel in Sweden, in Magnarp, which is wear my dad grew up. Well, not in the hostel, but the same town… It’s also one of my favorite memories from the trip – having dinner in some random hostel kitchen with the kids.

Swedish Pizza Salad

I’ve been hankering for some homeland pizza salad lately, and figured I’d experiment with a few trial and error batches. This pizza salad is served with all pizza in Sweden, mandatorily, and you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Here’s the recipe that seems to work, practically.