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LEGO Adventure Land

We build a lot with LEGO at home, and the kids like to create their own worlds… Here’s one of those times.

Mats and Andreas, cooking some lunch.

Hiking & Grillkorv on Arpo (again)

We headed back to Arpo (an island) for more hiking and lunch. This time, the weather was a lot better, and we got to do some bathing / swimming as well. Especially Oskar, who would not come out, even when his lips turned blue!


Extreme Fika & Playground

We enjoyed lots of fika in Sweden, and here’s one after the castle visit in Kalmar. Great playground, beautiful park to fika …


Kalmar Slott (the Castle of Kalmar)

One of the most significant political events in Scandinavia took place at Kalmar Castle in 1397, when the Kalmar Union was formed – a union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (including Finland), organized by Queen Margaret I of Denmark. We visited there…

Extreme fika!

Eketorp – A Viking Fortress

Eketorp is an Iron Age fort in southeastern Öland, Sweden, which was extensively reconstructed and enlarged in the Middle Ages. Throughout the ages the fortification has served a variety of somewhat differing uses: from defensive ringfort, to medieval safe haven and thence a cavalry garrison.