Habit Reflection

Here’s the “in-between-workshop-sessions” assignment, due before next Saturday:

Lesson Plans

  1. Submit one really great lesson plan for your content area that involves the use of technology with your students, connects with the Common Core Standards and State of Ohio’s new standards (as adopted in 2010).
    1. Furthermore, incorporate one of the Habits of Mind into your lesson plan. Feel free to use more, too, but it’s essential that you work your lesson around one of the Habits. (If this doesn’t make sense… it will in a few years!)
  2. The lesson plan format is up to you, but at a minimum, make sure to include standards, objectives, resources, and technology requirements, etc. Please use the below lesson plan template as a solid guide…
  3. Submit using Google Documents, and share the document with me, using this email address: e.andreas.johansson [at]
    1. Here’s a template that may work for you: Lesson Plan Template
  4. Remember to clearly mark your name, etc.
  5. Your collected lesson plan will be shared with others – make sure it’s your best work!

Due Dates

Lesson plans are due no later than 2 weeks after the completion of the workshop. For spring semester, 2013, that due date is Saturday 23rd of March, 2013 at 6 PM.