On Responsibility

The expectations underlying the following responsibilities are that they will be taken seriously and will be translated into actions that produce desirable educational results in a context of mutual respect and consideration.


  • Design a course that logically aids the student’s developmental progress in the discipline.
  • Share knowledge and facilitate learning.
  • Provide timely, constructive feedback.
  • Respond promptly to questions.
  • Refer students to appropriate academic support services if needed.
  • Hold students accountable for meeting course requirements as specified.
  • Treat students fairly and equitably.


  • Set aside preconceptions and approach learning activities with an open mind.
  • Read the course syllabus carefully; refer to and heed its policies throughout the term.
  • Regularly attend class, confer as scheduled on individualized studies, or engage in on-line activities as assigned.
  • Be prepared for class, whether it be a seminar; field trip; individualized study; or an on-line course.
  • Observe deadlines for all assignments.
  • Participate in classes, no matter which type of delivery system is involved.
  • Take advantage of academic support services if needed.
  • Take responsibility for learning.

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