Important Ratios

There are plenty of ratios that we deal with every day. The ratio of clothing to body, or the amount of coffee we consume per person per day. You get the idea…

There are a few ratios that I use on a regular basis, that may benefit others, so I thought I’d share.

Swedish Pancake Batter

1 cup flour : 2 eggs : 3 cups milk

Mix, then let stand, then cook in frying pan.

Basic Pickling Liquid (sweet)

1 cup white vinegar : 2 cups sugar : 3 cups water

Combine, then heat but not boil, then either used warm or cooled, pour over stuff to be pickled, like cucumbers, onions, herring, etc.

Basic Bread

3 cups flour : 1.5 cups water : 1 tsp yeast

Combine, let stand covered on counter for 12-18 hours, then knead, and bake for 45 minutes at 450F (preferably inside a cast iron dutch oven).


6 oz. water : 10 grams coffee

Make sure the water temperature is no greater than 185F. Makes a huge difference. And obviously, you grind the beans right before you brew, right? Unless you have access to Nescafe Lyx…

Hope you find them useful… What are some of yours?

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