Connecting Classrooms using Google Hangouts | Google Summit #ITIP2017

Connecting students with each other is easier than ever, and free with Google Hangouts. All you need is a Google account and a device with a webcam. Join this session to learn how we connected 4 classrooms from two districts with an international speaker, and made it all happen. We’ll discuss the planning it took, the logistics and technical requirements, and how to make the curriculum come alive!


The Original (edited) Video

In Sweden, 24 December is the highlight of Christmas. Schoolchildren are on holiday, as well as most parents. After enjoying the abundant Christmas smorgasbord, everyone is waiting for that special knock on the door, which means that that Santa Claus has finally arrived with the presents.

We connected 2 schools’ (Kenston and North Royalton) 2nd graders to learn more from an actual Swede, and hear about typical family traditions, learn a few words, and get their questions answered.

We used Google Hangout to connect, then made this final video using Camtasia for Mac.


Andreas Johansson

Ann Radefeld