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Wonder Baby Wednesday — first foods

Wonder Baby Powers, activate! Form of…sweet potato quality control tester.

Yes, he’s trying baby foods now, and he seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly!

Wonder Toddler Thursday — Jem-elie

Let’s pretend it’s Thursday, or I may never get this posted (I keep waiting for Thursday to post, then missing it).Wonder Toddler Powers, activate! Form of…Jem-elie!Yes, I’ve introduced my daughter to the Jem cartoons. Yes, they’re as bad as I though…

A father/son conversation

This actual conversation had me laughing all day. Andreas and Oskar were in the bathroom together:Andreas: I’ve got to teach you something about shaving, little buddy.Me: Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself? Oskar is only 4 months old; he can…

Wonder Baby Wednesday — finding my feet

Wonder Baby Powers, activate! Form of…foot detective!Oskar says, "there’s that foot I’ve been looking for! Now if only I could get it to go into my mouth…"…

ECON and USHIST Book Returns

Please bring your books back by Monday, June 6th, at the latest. If you’re in Economics, you may keep your book until …

Wonder Baby Wednesday — Prince Oskar

Wonder Baby Powers, activate! Form of…Prince Charming!Eme crowned her brother "Prince Oskar" the other day. I hope these pictures don’t come back to haunt him if he ever decides to run for office….

Gross Domestic Product UP!

Real gross domestic product (GDP) grew at an annual rate of 1.8% in the first quarter of 2011, according to today’s second …