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Google Classroom: An Introduction

I was asked to present about Google Classroom for the GCCTM Fall Mini-Conference this weekend, and of course I obliged. I have never done a Google Classroom presentation before, but have used it plenty, and felt fully ready to highlight the main features, answer any questions, and make it a worthwhile session. Read on, for slides and links…

Orienteering – The Goat @ Kendall Lake

A few weeks back I volunteered to help run the Goat event with NEOOC (my orienteering club) as a starter. Turned out we were doing a mass start either way, so I found myself busy with registration, helping folks get ready, starting a few white course runners, and explaining the format. And then it was my turn…

Control Pickup as Training Session

I volunteered to pick up a few controls after the Python Goat event a few weekend’s ago, and got my assignment for which controls to grab. They happened to be controls on the part of the course I didn’t run, so I took my time in navigating to each one, paying particular attention to the finer details of the map, or micro-orienteering, that I normally would during a race.

Orienteering at Hinckley

It was a great day at Hinckley, with a course that offered lots of up and down, but fun legs navigating over both creek beds and some nice contour lines. The course type was score, and with no pre-printed maps, we had a slight advantage to spend some time with the map, planning a possible route…

Tip of the Iceberg

Remember – what you see, is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s lots below that either drives that iceberg, or supports it, or makes it able to shine.

Is she dead?

I get frustrated, just like everyone else at times. But I’ve learned to let go.