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Hovs Hallar & Building Cairns

Hovs Hallar is right around the corner from Torekov, and we visited quite frequently. I love this place – wish I could …

Magnarp 2014

This is where my dad grew up. We stayed in a hostel for two nights during our trip there.

Torekov 2014

This is where I grew up. Visiting brought back some memories.

Björketorp Runestone

This runestone is right around the corner from where my dad lives – who knew? Totally legit, and super cool. The forested …

Karlskrona Marine Museum

We visited the Karlskrona Marine Museum with the kids. Karlskrona (Carl’s Crown) was, and is still a very large naval town, with …

Hiking on Arpo (an island)

We went back out with the boat to the island Arpo, and hiked around for a while. Weather was a bit cooler …